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Visa rules for Turkish citizens
15 September 2016 16:37

Visa-free entry

Citizens of Turkey may travel to Ukraine visa free for up to 90 days within the 180-day period as from the first entry.

Issuing visa

In the intention to be entitled to stay in Ukraine for over 90 days, a Turkish citizen will have to be issued a visa for Ukraine. Visa terms differ for the period of stay, numebr of entries, purpose of travel and term of visa issuance.

Major Document Package

To get any Ukrainian visa, the applicamt must attend the Embassy in person and bring the Major Document Package plus additional documents specific to his/her intended purpose of travel to Ukraine. The Major Document Package includes:

1) application form filled in online and printed and signed by the Applicant;

2) travel passport issued no earlier than 10 years ago and having at least two blank pages and effective at least three months after his intended departure from Ukraine;

3) two 3*4cm photos;

4) consular fee payment receipt unless the applıcant ıs eligible to zero rate;

5) health insurance policy for the person's intended stay in Ukraine; and

6) any evidence that the one will have due financial support during hıs/her stay in Ukraine (whether bank statement or cash, or inviter statement made in writing, or any other document of that kind).

Visa application form to be filled in offline: download

The Major Document Package must be supplemented with other documents depending on the travel purpose (click to unfold). 

Purpose of travel Documents

Family reunion

Family relation documents


Duly executed invitation by the Ukrainian higher education institute


Copy of State Employment Center of Ukraine employment permission notarized in Ukraine, or original and copy of contract with an employer in Ukraine

Visa fees for Ukraine



Normal visa fee

(Up to 10 business days), USD

Express visa fee

(up to 5 business days), USD




Visas shall be issued with zero rate of consular fee to:

1) children under 6 years of age;

2) foreign Ukrainians, subject to showing foreign Ukrainian’s ID, foreign Ukrainian’s spouse and children;

3) persons who enter Ukraine on business and are holders of a diplomatic or service passport;

4) staff of Ukraine’s diplomatic missions abroad and consular posts, and their family members;

5) staff of international organizations and their representations in Ukraine, and their family members;

6) staff of states’ liaison offices at international organizations that have headquarters in Ukraine who, according to the statutes of such organizations or relevant international treaties, enjoy diplomatic privileges and immunity, and their family members;

7) heads and members of official delegations of foreign states and accompanying persons who enter Ukraine upon invitation of the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Presidential Administration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;

8) honorary consul of Ukraine, his/her spouse and minor children;

9) persons entering Ukraine to provide humanitarian aid or charity as substantiated by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine;

10) persons who enter Ukraine with the purpose of participating in the implementation of international technical assistance projects registered according to the established procedure, upon invitation of a government institution, enterprise or organization identified as recipients of the project;

11) staff of the emergency and rescue forces of foreign states who enter Ukraine with the purpose of responding to an emergency, upon request of the State Emergency Service;

12) family members of persons who have been granted refugee status in Ukraine;

13) representatives of foreign military formations and institutions who enter Ukraine on service duty, upon invitation of a relevant government body;

14) official observers from foreign states and international organizations registered by the Central Election Commission to observe presidential elections, parliamentary elections, local elections and national referendums.

Visa issuance terms

Time limit for visa issuance is normally up to 10 business days from application submission of all the visa documents required.

Visa issuance term may be extended to 30 days if further document verification is required.

Express visa (up to 5 business days) may be issued as desired by the foreigner and when applicable and in terms established by the diplomatic mission.

Please note! Having a ticket to Ukraine for specific date may not be a reason for accelerating the issuance of visa.

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