Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Turkey

Kyiv 07:11

Cultural and humanitarian cooperation

In the sphere of education

Cooperation between Ukraine and the Republic of Turkey in the field of education, including higher education, is based on the Agreement on Cooperation between the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, the Council of Higher Education and the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey in the field of education, signed on May 21, 1998.

Quantity of Turkish students studying in Ukraine and Ukrainian students studying in Turkey grows every year. Recently the cooperation between higher educational institutions of the two countries is being developed very actively on the basis of intercollegiate agreements. As for now more than 10 universities of Ukraine and Turkey established partnership relations and concluded respective agreements. Such documents were concluded between National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic University» and Middle East Technical University of Ankara, Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University and Gazi University (Ankara), Tavriya (Simferopol) and Ankara Universities, Lviv State Medical University, National Ivan Franko University and the University of Istanbul, Sumy State University and the University of Muğla, Ukrainian University of Aviation and Eskishehir University, National Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and Police Academy of Turkey.

Cooperation between Vadim Hetman Kyiv National Economic University and Gazi University (Ankara) is a bright example of bilateral cooperation in the sphere of education. Within the framework of the protocol on cooperation signed in 2001 the two Universities regularly carry out exchange of students and teachers as well as joint sports activities. One of the most important results is the agreement reached by the two Universities to organize teaching the Ukrainian language in Gazi University (started in September 2002).

The cooperation between the Ukrainian and Turkish universities is both of general and sectoral kind, for instance, in the fields of aviation, metallurgy, tourism etc. Scientific exchange is among the most important and promising here. Partner universities exist not only in the capitals of two countries, but also in regions. It creates conditions for developing inter-regional cooperation between Ukraine and Turkey, which recently has been given a new impetus.

In the sphere of culture

Cooperation between Ukraine and the Republic of Turkey in humanitarian sphere is being developed according to the Agreement between Ukraine and the Republic of Turkey on Cooperation in the Sphere of Culture, dated November 27, 1996.

During recent years Ukraine and Turkey have been actively cooperating in the cultural sphere, namely, by exchanging adults’ and children's dance groups, musicians, theatrical groups, organizing competitions of young performers as well as various displays of paintings and photo-exhibitions.

The list of Ukrainian masters, who visited Turkey during last years, is quite long. Turkish people had an opportunity to observe not only amateur children’s and students’ groups like «Svitanok» and «Crimean Souvenir», but also coryphaeus of Ukrainian modern art like, Taras Shevchenko National Opera’s Ballet, National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, Lesia Ukrayinka National Russian Drama Theatre and Hryhory Veriovka Ukrainian Falk Chorus.

Thus, we can say that Ukrainian culture is widely represented in the Republic of Turkey. At the same time with the aim of deepening bilateral cooperation Ukraine and Turkey are trying to arrange the Days of Ukrainian Culture in Turkey and the Days of Turkish Culture in Ukraine. These events will provide a mutual possibility both for Ukrainians and Turks to get acquainted not only with amateur collectives, but also with professional dancing and choral groups.

We in Ukraine say: «It is better to see once than to hear hundred times». That is why we will continue promoting Ukrainian culture and art in Turkey. We are also ready to render any assistance necessary for giving opportunity for Ukrainian audience to get acquainted with Turkish culture.